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Stopwatch Software Download Page

Download the Stopwatch Conversion Software.
Our Stopwatch Conversion Program can load data from over 15 different makes of stopwatch (both real stopwatches and smartphone apps) and save the times into a CSV File (which can be loaded into Microsoft Excel and Race Management software) or a Parkrun_Timer file that can be loaded into parkrun's WebFMS system.


You are free to download and install the software for testing purposes. After installing the software, only the first 5 times will be valid until the software is licenced.

parkrun users can contact parkrun HQ for a free licence and the software must only be used for parkrun events.
Other users, sports clubs and event organisers can obtain a licence key for 25 which will unlock the software.


Cross Platform Support

The software runs on Windows and will also run on Apple Mac OS X and Linux using the free Mono Project .NET framework

parkrun users should note that parkrun Support can only deal with Windows users.


Step 1 - Download and Install USB Drivers if you are using Junsd, Digisport or Ultrak

Junsd For Windows 7, you should be able to plug in the stopwatch and let Windows load the drivers.
For XP and Vista, install the Prolific PL2303 drivers. The latest are on the support pages at www.prolific.com.tw but if you have problems here is link a copy of  Version1.70 of the drivers
For Mac OS X, get the Prolific 2303 drivers from the support pages of www.prolific.com.tw
For Linux, simply plug it in
Ultrak and Digisport For Windows, install the AU9720 drivers from DigiSportInstruments.com
For Mac OS X (10.5 and above) simply plug it in
For Linux, simply plug it in


Step 2 - Install Microsoft .Net 4 or Mono

Windows Users need to download and install Microsoft .Net 4 Client Profile

Mac OS X and Linux Users need to install Mono from http://www.mono-project.com

Step 3 - Download and Install the Stopwatch Conversion Software

Windows Users The latest version is Version 2.5.0 but Microsoft and Norton are unhappy with the file.
So you may need to download Version 2.0.1 for now
Mac OS X Download StopwatchDownload.exe. You will then need to type "mono StopwatchDownload.exe" from the Command Line
Linux Download StopwatchDownload.exe. You will then need to type "mono StopwatchDownload.exe" from the Command Line


The software works in three ways
1) Junsd, DigiSport and Ultrak Stopwatch Users - connect the stopwatch to the PC, select the stopwatch in the software and then use Upload All on the stopwatch Menu to upload the times to the PC. You can then review the times and save them in either parkrun_timer format (for loading into WebFMS) or CSV format (for loading into Excel or other Race Management software).

2) Copy and Paste Mode - If you have the time data on the computer screen (eg in an email or an opened file), you can COPY and PASTE the data into the software. A wide range of different formats are supported and they are auto-detected. You can edit the data within the software too.

3) Load File Mode - If you have the time data saved in a file which the PC can open (for example .txt file or a .csv file) then you can Load the data file directly into the program. The software automatically detects the format of the data.

4) Save the Times
- Once the times are loaded into the software you can save the times. parkrun format data is saved into C:\DataSources on Windows and into your Documents folder on Mac OS X and Linux.  CSV (Excel) format data is saved into your Documents Folder

Change History

2.5.0 Fixed bug with an Ultrak 499 stopwatch outputting a non zero value for one of the unused data fields.
Re-write of internals to make the application handle Mac OS X and Linux Serial Port Names and Directory Structures.
Changes to screen tab layout to fix Mono Windows Forms bugs on the Mac
Update to Debug Screen to separate out hex data.
2.0.1 Fixed lap export in CSV mode when using some makes of stopwatch
2.0.0 Added new licence model. Unlicensed users can load from any stopwatch and can save in CSV format, but are limited to exporting the first 5 times to the CSV file. Once licenced, the full features are unlocked.
1.5.1 Added support for DigiSport International DT500 and DigiSport DT2000 stopwatches. (Thanks to Black Park parkun)
Also works with the Ultrak 499 stopwatch.
The DT2000 (Ultrak 499) gives us a stopwatch capable of storing just under 2000 runners per event.
1.5.0 Fixed a bug where COM Ports higher than 9 would not work. Needed to append "\\.\" to the COM Port name. I introduced this bug 1.3.3. Thanks for the loan of Dave's laptop to find this.
1.4.1 Add support for Michael Hongs Blackberry Stopwatch.
Tiny up some messages in the Debug Screen.
Asks the user if they want to exit if there are unsaved results
1.4.0 Files are now exported in parkrun_timer format instead of UKTT format.
Also added support for opening files (or pasting data) in TAG HL440 Training Mode
1.3.8 Correctly process fractions of a second. Added Rounding up/down of time when saving times, requested by Simon at Hull parkrun
1.3.7 Skypaw changed their data format in version 1.1.0. Update support.
Also disable WMI to see if that helps some Vista and Win7 machines
1.3.6 Added support for iPhone Stopwatch by SkyPaw


Added Garmin GPS watch (via SportTracks). Add support for a basic list of times.
Fixed bug that caused software to fail on computers where WMI takes a long time. Fixed a bug in logging that hogged the CPU and caused the Junsd stopwatch data to be missed or processed very slowly.
1.3.4 Changed to be a .Net Client Profile Project. Works in Vista with no need to download .NET 4 files.
Added support for 2 different Android Phone stopwatches aStopwatch and LapTimer
1.3.3 New serial port code which handles USB cable removals on Vista. Support for UKTT, Opticon2002 with ERS firmware, TAG HL440 PTB Sequential Mode and TAG CP520 time data
1.3.2 Add ability to open text files and csv files saved on disk Add support for Pencil Busters iPhone Stopwatch App. Add ability to change between modes without having to exit
1.3.1 Add support for Will Schleter's iPhone App and Blackberry the Stopwatch
1.2 First public Release for Junsd USB Stopwatch.
You MUST plug in the stopwatch before running this program. And you must quit this program before removing the stopwatch (due to Microsoft's Serial Port class behaving badly on Vista/Win7)
This version uses the Microsoft Serial Port Class. It also exports in the old parkrun UKTT format.

Thank you to
    Junsd for Technical Information and Documentation on their Stopwatches
    Ultrak for Technical Information and Documentation on their Stopwatches
    DigiSport for Technical Information and Documentation on their Stopwatches
    OpenNetCF for their free Serial Port code which sorted out problems on Windows Vista
    Visualpharm.com for their icons, royalty free as they are mentioned here and in the software

    Dave L for buying the first Junsd and for getting Ultrak equipment
    Jonathan for the Danish Manuals and testing the Parkrun software
    Paul , James, Milton Keynes and Roger for providing iPhone and Blackberry sample data
    Simon at Hull parkrun for identifying the lack of rounding up of times
    All the developers of the iPhone and Android apps for their help and sample data
    Dave P for loaning the DigiSport equipment
    All the other users who have tested the software and reported issues

    Finally, thanks to all the parkrun Team

(c) Roger Hardiman. Created May 2010. Updated November 2012



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