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IT Consultancy

RJH Technical Consultancy carries out a wide range of IT and CCTV Consultancy projects all over the UK

Activties Performed
  • Software Development (for Windows, Linux, Android SmartPhones, FreeBSD
  • Interfacing of electronic equipment to computer systems
  • Network Design including Firewalls, Routing, VPNs, VLANs, Remote Access, Network Servers, Web Servers
  • Use of IT Networks for CCTV, Door Entry, Intercom, VoIP systems
  • Web Design - WordPress, HTML and JavaScript
  • Web Hosting, Email Hosting
  • Computer Repair, Computer and System Specification

Technical Skills

  • Embedded Systems Design,
  • C, Visual C++, C#, Ada, Pascal, Visual Basic, Java, LUCOL,
  • Windows, WinCE (Windows Mobile), Microsoft .NET
  • Android Applications
  • Linux, FreeBSD, OpenWRT,
  • HP Procurve Networking,
  • Windows System Administration
  • Linux/BSD/Unix System Administration


  • South England Council Project - CCTV IP Network Setup, switch setup, Firewall Configuration, Network Documentation

  • Yorkshire and South West Councils - IP Configuration of CCTV systems

  • Race Timing System Design and Software (see Software Development Pages)

  • Android Application Design and Software

  • Stereoscopic 3D video streaming and Display - University R&D Project




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