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Software Development

We develop software for
    Windows - using C# and. NET, Visual C++, Win32 API calls and MFC, Visual Basic and Delphi
    Android Phones - using Java and the Android Framework including NDK (Native Development Kit)
    Linux and FreeBSD - using C, C++ and various scripting languages

Examples of Software Projects - CCTV Related

  • Read Intruder Alarm data from two popular commercial Intruder Alarm Systems via IP and Serial Interfaces, process the alarm data and send outputs to a CCTV System to trigger the display of relevant cameras when an alarm is set off [Window Service]

  • Android Application to receive H264 video, decompress it and display it in real time on a Smartphone [Android, Java, C, NDK]

Examples of Software Projects - Race Timing

  • Read J-CHIP RFID tags used for major sports events, process and store the data and export in a format compatible with the client's existing race timing software [C# .Net]

  • Android Application to tap in Bib Numbers (Vest Numbers) of athletes in major sporting events as they pass a marshal, storing the number and accurate timing data. Exporting data in a format compatible with existing race timing software. [Android]  (Link To Google Play App Store)

  • Android Application to download stopwatch times from the Junsd JS-9006P Professional Stopwatch onto Android. (Link to Google Play App Store)

  • parkrun (5km) runs - Software Import Library to read in times from 20 different stopwatches and Smartphone Applications, used weekly at over 100 parkrun events [C# .Net]

  • parkrun stopwatch utility to allow DigiSport and JunsdStopwatches with USB ports to be used for automated raced timing in parkrun events and other sports events [C# .Net]


Open Source Projects (Linux and FreeBSD)

Our staff have contributed to a large number of Open Source Projects.

OpenH323 Open Source H323 protocol stack, used for Voice Over IP and Video Conferencing. I took over the port of the library to FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X.
Added various improvements and fixes to OpenMCU, OpenAM and OhPhone.
Ported GnomeMeeting from Linux to FreeBSD, fixed various bugs in its early development
FreeBSD kernel A few FreeBSD kernel bug fixes and modifications - some to allow PCMCIA to work SMP boxes and some to lookup the ID of PCI parents
FreeBSD bktr (WinTV) driver Took over maintenance of the bktr driver for FreeBSD (and NetBSD and OpenBSD), added support for the ever growing range of different cards on the market. Established a good relationship with Hauppauge to add support for their cards. Added the API for VBI data capture (used by Alevt for teletext viewing).
If it is still online, I had pages for this on my old web site at http://vulture.dmem.strath.ac.uk/bt848/
Ports of Linux Apps to FreeBSD Worked on porting of Alevt (linux teletext / view text) application from Linux to BSD Unix and some work on FreeAMP (MP3 player) which is now called Zinf.
Got the Linux version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) working on FreeBSD's Linux emulation
Speex Got Speex (voice codec) working on FreeBSD and finished off the OpenH323 code to make it work in H.323 VoIP Calls. I've contributed to the Speex RTP Payload RFC proposal too.
Filezilla FTP Server Bug fix to filezilla to make it work with Core FTP. Implemeted MDTM to set date/time of uploaded files.
Linux Infra Red Project My code for reading the Hauppauge WinTV Infra-Red remote control is in the Linux Infra-Red project source
SpliX Fixed some bugs in the Samsung CLP-500 printer driver which uses the CUPS printing system
OpenWRT Contributed code for getting BT Voyager Routers working with OpenWRT


FTP Work

In 2005 I did some work reviewing the ways FTP clients Preserving the time and date on Uploaded files. There is no standard in the RFCs for this. Many clients and servers overload the MDTA command which is actually ambiguous in a few cases. A proper command and specification is needed.  I also compiled some notes on the FTP Upload Integrity with the XCRC and XMD5 commands.
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